Employee Benefits for Accountants

Small, medium and large firms

Employee benefits & wellbeing are key for the accounting industry. Here’s why.

Accountancy firms are operating in an increasingly challenging industry. Adapting and quickly evolving the workplace is fundamental to maintaining a strong, focused and flexible workforce.

Last year many firms were impacted by ‘the great resignation’ where many accountancy professionals at all stages of their career unexpectedly quit and moved to pastures new, leaving firm owners struggling with what to do. 

The focus for many firms is now on retaining staff and tackling turnover and with more than 35% of millennials expecting to leave their current role in the next 18 months, it’s an important focus.

Employee benefits play a crucial role in your recruitment and retention strategies. They say a lot about who you are as a firm. They can set you apart from the crowd and can grab the attention of the top talent out there.

Our specialist team understand the accountancy sector, the current challenges and are ready to help you build a benefits & wellbeing programme to meet your specific needs. As your trusted adviser, we can remove the hassle of searching the market by providing great benefit solutions that are right for your business, your people and your budget.

Our range of employee benefit and wellbeing consultancy services include:

  • Employee benefits & Wellbeing strategy design, implementation and management  – we’ll help you understand your workforce needs and put the right benefits & strategy in place to support them.
  • Data analysis and benchmarking – putting your data to good use and enabling to see how you compare to the competition.
  • Insurance policy broking – we’ll review and manage your benefits to ensure that they remain relevant, fit for purpose and deliver value to you and your people.
  • Pensions & financial wellbeing - from scheme governance to ESG funds, and financial education programmes, our experts can help you to ensure that your people are in control of their financial future.
  • Flexible benefits – together we can bring market-leading technology to your people to give them a more personalised benefits experience and greater choice.
  • Benefit communication programmes – we’ll help you to make sure that your benefits aren’t your best kept secret with multichannel communications, so your people can realise the true value of the benefits you offer them.

Expert guidance and support

If you're considering employee benefits for the first time or seeking to optimise the benefits you currently have in place, our team of specialist consultants is here to help you. We understand that each business is unique, and that's why we provide independent and impartial advice tailored to the specific requirements of your business, your employees, and your budget.

With our experts guiding you, you can have confidence that you're making the right decisions for your employees' healthcare needs. Your wellbeing and that of your employees are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring you're in good hands every step of the way.


We are a proud ICAEW member reward partner

We are a proud ICAEW member reward partner and advise ICAEW members on all aspects of their employee benefits & wellbeing requirements. 1 in 3 of the UK’s top 100 accountancy practices trust Howden to advise them on their insurance and employee benefit needs and we’ve developed have access to a range of specialist benefit solutions, tailored to meet the needs of accountancy firms of all sizes.

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Richard Gould - Partnership Director

Richard is an experienced senior executive with over 25 years’ experience in both the insurance and health services sectors. Richard has been integral in setting up our distribution channels, leading our business partnership relations for the last 20 years.

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