Unigarant case study

90% of Unigarant insureds are now safer drivers

Unigarant is a leading Dutch provider of car insurance, operating under the commercial arm of the travel organisation the Royal Dutch Touring Club.

Sharing their parent organisation’s commitment to improving road safety, Unigarant wanted a telematics-based insurance product that would help people to become safer drivers.

An initial concern during the tender process was the level of resources and human effort required with any new technology project. Unigarant was looking for something that would be easy to integrate.

Mirroring Unigarant’s focus for road safety and having a comprehensive offering that was easy to integrate and built on data linked to claims not proxies, they approached Howden Driving Data.

Our platform provided a turnkey solution that allowed Unigarant to quickly introduce the new policy, without putting too much strain on their existing time and resources.

The next hurdle was customisation to the Dutch market.

Understand the Dutch driving laws and taking into consideration the countries topography and social behavioural traits, it was necessary to configure our algorithms to reflect this. Otherwise, drivers could be penalised for legal driving behaviours.

Unigarant worked with Howden Driving Data to tweak the algorithms to ensure that they were appropriate for Dutch diving laws. They then prepared to trial the system to prove that it was capable of serving the mass market.

A large cross section of Unigarant customers combined with Unigarant employees agreed to have their behaviour tracked by a telematics device. For 600,000km, Unigarant monitored drivers for key metrics, including speeding, harsh driving events, the frequency and severity of accidents, and how they responded to interventions and coaching.

The trial was a success, resulting in fewer claims and a reduction in claims costs, giving Unigarant the confidence to add telematics to their product offering.

These achievements continued into the full release of the policy, with 90% of drivers earning a premiums discount for safe driving.

Unigarant now has the biggest connected insurance portfolio in the Netherlands, with 80,000 active policies.

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