Prize Indemnity insurance

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Prize Indemnity Insurance helps reduce volatility in your balance sheet when large prizes are offered.

As well as insurance, we offer a full consultancy service to help assess whether the prize is too easy or hard to win, whether the prize values offered are within your budget and also advising on prize security, an often overlooked aspect.

Brand managers can have mixed feelings about people winning their prizes. You want people to win for the PR, but financing a prize can be costly.

Providing prize at events can add additional values to the organiser. For example, a Premier League football club could run a half time challenge at every home game, generating revenues from naming rights and sponsorship, increasing fan engagement, whilst financing the prizes utilising prize indemnity coverage. 

Some of the types of competitions we’ve helped with: 

  • Hole in one
  • Crossbar challenge
  • Half-court basketball shots
  • Lotteries
  • Safe crack games
  • Envelope picks
  • Birthday wheel
  • Dice roll
  • Lotteries 
  • Pick and win
  • Scratch cards 
  • Game shows
  • Web-based gaming. 

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