UK Contractors

Peace of mind for UK-based contractors

The programmes we create cover the full spectrum of construction risks.

We apply a one stop shop approach to delivering market-leading annual and project specific insurance arrangements to major contractors, developers and support service companies across the full array of construction related activities.

We specialise in the placement, management and servicing of all aspects of annual insurance programmes, including captives, contractual risk management advice as well as project specific and joint venture placements.

Our construction professional indemnity capability sits within the team that provides us with a unique offering and one that undoubtedly provides significant benefits to clients.


Photo of Duncan Willcocks


Duncan Willcocks

Head of UK Contractors – Howden Global Construction Practice
Photo of David Lyle


David Lyle

Executive Director - Deputy Head of Contractors
Photo of Andrew Harrison-Sleap


Andrew Harrison-Sleap

Executive Director - Howden Global Construction Practice

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