SMARTClaims by Howden provides a proactive, fast and simple 24/7 motor claims service which gives you greater control than ever before.

Welcome to SMARTClaims

We are delighted to introduce our SMARTClaims Commercial Motor Claims service, which is available to all Howden Clients.

We have stripped everything back to basics and have developed a service that provides you with simplicity, speed and expertise and greater control than ever before.

An innovative solution that adds the benefit of technology to the human, personalised and specialist claims service that you have come to expect from Howden.

You can follow the progress of your claim through your own secure, online SMARTClaims portal. At a glance, you can:

  • Monitor every stage of each claim.
  • Have access to a suite of interactive reports.
  • Understand the performance of your Fleet and identify trends.

What SMARTClaims will do for you

Make the claims process faster

Our service is available 24/7, because accidents don’t only take place during business hours. As soon as we’ve been notified of an incident, we’ll immediately fill you in on all the relevant details and get started on arranging repairs.

Keep you moving

We have an in-house team of engineers who can remotely verify the costs of any repairs as well as authorise them*. We also have the option of carrying out a physical inspection of the vehicle if necessary. What’s more, our network of repair shops spans the U.K., further reducing the length of time your vehicle is off the road.

Take control of the total claim cost

We’ll focus on more than just the cost of repairs. Under our Third Party Claim Management service*, in the event of a ‘Fault’ incident, we act quickly to manage any third party claims, in order to reduce the total claim cost.

Fight your corner

Armed with full details of the incident, we will seek to challenge third party allegations and claims incorrectly made against you.

*Please note that the service we provide depends on the agreements we have in place with your insurer. If you’d like further details, just get in touch. 

SMARTClaims Portal

What happens when I report an incident?

  1. As soon as a claim is reported into SMARTClaims, we will send you full details via email. We will also, at the same time, send full details to your Howden Account Handler for their information.
  2. We will look to book your vehicle in for repair at a time of your choosing.
  3. We will seek to authorise vehicle repairs ASAP through our new, in-house engineering team*.
  4. In the event of a non-fault claim, We will look to provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle if required.
  5. Additionally, if a non-fault claim, we will look to recover all uninsured losses.
  6. In the event of a fault claim, we will contact the third party in an attempt to manage the repair on their behalf to take control of cost*.
  7. We will look to fight your corner when dealing with claims from third parties. We will ask all of the right questions to ensure that we have the information we and insurers need to protect your position.
  8. All information on your claim will be shared with you, real-time, through your own secure web-based portal.

* Please note that the service we provide depends on the agreements we have in place with your Insurer. If you’d like further details, just get in touch.

Get in touch

If you require access to the SMARTClaims portal or wish to order Bump Cards or Windscreen Stickers or have any other queries about SMARTClaims, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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