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Bringing insurance to life


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No-limit tech sector insurance


At Howden, we cover the entire ecosystem of tech start-ups and scale-ups – from the very beginning to your point of exit.

We match your growth, step for step. Taking on staff? We’ve got you. Won a contract? We’ll check it. Changing direction? Let’s go.

Because we’re all about no-limits, people-first insurance. And for entrepreneurs like you, that means putting your goals front and centre of our service and flexing to your needs. So, you’re free to focus on your business safe in the knowledge your tech enterprise is protected by people who speak your language, and who want to see your vision succeed as much as you do.

Tech case study:

Bringing insurance to life

This scenario involves a technology firm with a turnover of £90,000,000 facing a critical situation where their cyber policy had lapsed. Seeking urgent assistance to secure coverage, they approached Howden after their current insurer quoted £45,000 for a cyber policy, which was considered non-competitive and unattainable.

Impact on their business

Without insurance coverage, their existing broker’s inability to find a satisfactory solution had left this substantial computer-based company vulnerable to cyber risks. This situation posed a potential disaster if a cyberattack had occurred while they remained uninsured. Cyber threats pose an escalating concern in the business world, especially for technology firms, where the absence of appropriate coverage could result in substantial losses.

Howden’s solution

Our intervention involved swiftly accessing the insurance market, ultimately presenting not one, but two competitive options from reputable providers. This resulted in saving the client nearly £10,000 in premium costs while effectively safeguarding their business against its most significant risk. With this renewed coverage in place, the client could resume operations securely, free from the looming fear of a cyberattack devastating their business.

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