Professional Athletes

1% performance gains can make the difference between winning or losing. Don’t underestimate the power of subconscious worries: as a professional sports player, your income can be precarious. Having the right insurance can help ease these underlying concerns, keeping you at the top of your game.

How we help sports professionals manage their financial risk:


Income protection

Insurance that pays out when you are temporarily side-lined


Career Ending

A tax free lump sum, plus lots of help picking up the pieces


Everyday risks

Motor, household, kidnap and ransom – we can cover it all

Income protection insurance

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Income Protection (Temporary Total Disablement)

When you’re out injured and you’re not earning, wage protection insurance covers your usual earnings.

Income protection is one of the simplest policies we do – together we work out how much you earn, and when you are ruled out injured, you get paid just the same. 

  • Payments are based on your after-tax earnings
  • Get money weekly or monthly, for an agreed period - normally one or two years. 
Who buys? 

Anyone who’s earnings depend on being fit to compete in matches or tournaments. For example, golfers, tennis players or Bundesliga footballers.  

Career ending insurance

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Career-Ending Protection (Permanent Total Disablement) 

If injury or illness ends your career before time, Career-ending insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum.

This is usually a cash amount up to five times your annual wage, depending on your age. 

Career-ending protection can include accidental death cover, which would mean the sum goes direct to your family.  

Additional benefits

Support with mental health issues

Depression and anxiety are a very real part of any injury, especially a career-ending one.

Chances are you will feel very alone – that’s why Howden provide you with an additional counselling benefit for mental health services in the event your sporting career is cut short. 

We will provide access to specialist counsellors/psychological therapists to support your mental wellbeing. 

Retraining for a new career 

What to do with the rest of your life is a big question. Your insurance pay-out will allocate funds for retraining, to help you prepare for a new career. 

Andy Goulbourne

Andy leads our team working National Governing and Representative bodies, their clubs, coaches, members and participants, delivering comprehensive insurance protection and innovative risk management solutions. The projects differ, but goal is always the same – to help you deliver safer sport.

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