What is circumstance notification for a Professional Indemnity policy? And how can it be notified?



16 June 2022

Claims against professionals do happen regardless of whether they are merited or not and can be costly to defend.

Insurance policies for Professional indemnity place certain obligations on a policyholder to notify claims and circumstances that may give rise to a claim or are likely to give rise to a claim.

Circumstance notification is an important right for Insureds, ensuring coverage for future claims arising out of a known fact, event, happening or state of affairs. That said, making a circumstance notification late in the policy period (albeit, sometimes, unavoidably) can impact the renewal process and terms of the go forward policy.

This video we have created is here to help you understand:

  • What is a claim?
  • What is a circumstance?
  • What you should and should not do in the event your circumstance changes.
  • An example of what can happen if you do something you shouldn't have.
  • What are the next steps after notifying Insurers?
  • How to notify insurers?
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