Environmental risks in real estate acquisitions


18 December 2020

Liability for environmental issues can be a complex path to navigate in European real estate transactions.

With the increasing economic pressures in the current Covid-19 climate placing a financial burden upon many occupants, this could give rise to landlords inheriting environmental liabilities.

Have you considered Environmental Liability Insurance to help de-risk your real estate transactions?

This cover can provide for:

  1. Clean-up / remediation costs
  2. Replacement of real property damaged during clean-up activities
  3. Third party claims for bodily injury and property damage
  4. Legal defence costs
  5. Biodiversity damage
  6. Business interruption costs / loss of rental income
  7. Contractual liabilities

Howden Real Estate work closely with the Howden M&A team and specialist environmental underwriters to supply our Environmental Liability Insurance product.

Download our brochure to understand why you should be using Environmental Liability Insurance in real estate transactions, and our advice on actions to take when acquiring real estate with known or suspected contamination.

Download our brochure

If you would like further information on Environmental Liability Insurance and how Howden Real Estate can help you manage your risks, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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