Case Study

Why an international bank switched to Howden


The challenge

A well-known international bank provides their team a generous package of employee benefits, many of them insurance related.

When their incumbent broker quoted them a 25% premium increase on renewal, they decided to look at their options.

But why?

The banks’ HR director came to us looking for answers why.

We took a deep dive into the claims record, using our propriety structured analysis.  

It uncovered facts that no-one else had picked up on – namely, some of the biggest insurance claimants no longer worked at the company.

Armed with these facts, we created a fresh risk presentation around the ‘new scenario.’

We used the new presentation to ‘shop around’ on our clients behalf, stirring up a little healthy competition among some trusted insurers we enjoy good relationships with.

Our client was delighted with the results.


We struck a two-year fixed rate deal to secure an enhanced benefits package at a saving of 38% on the incumbent renewal quote (that is, 13% lower than the premium they paid the previous year)

If you’re not sure exactly which insurance questions to ask, asking us 'why?' is a great place to start.


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