Calming seagoing concerns

cargo ship with containers in the oceon

According to a Dutch expression, ‘nothing moves without transport’. By this logic, transport risks affect almost every company in the world.

We possess the specialist knowledge required to arrange the right level of insurance cover to protect against loss of, or damage to, a variety of handled and transported cargo products such as food, commodities and machinery.

Global marine specialist  

Creating tailored, cost-effective solutions for an international client base, we’re specialists in transferring risk from physical damage, business interruption and third-party liabilities. 

Howden’s team is a dynamic blend of highly experienced brokers, technicians and analysts – as well as a talented claims team ready to negotiate and expedite claims on your behalf. 

We create bespoke loss-prevention initiatives including presentations, seminars, training and monthly on-board assessments that suit your needs precisely.

Our insurance programmes in respect of cargo include:

  • Cover for material damage to goods during transport, storage and handling by specialist logistic companies;
  • Cover for associated costs in connection with transported and handled goods;
  • Extended risk assessment by our experts in risk management and risk control; and, of course,
  • Competitive premiums.

Our cargo transportation products can be tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Stock throughput
  • Marine business interruption
  • Equipment installation / assembly / guarantee
  • Delay in startup
  • Project cargo.

The insurance of equipment may also include the risks associated with working with and/or driving it.


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