Want more value for your people, without paying more? 

You already have an employee benefits programme. When was the last time it was optimised? Many employee benefits offerings are actually inherited from a previous HR manager. Decisions on why the programmes were set up that way are long forgotten.  

Fresh eyes, deep experience and up-to-the-minute market knowledge can make a big difference to what you can achieve with your budget. Watch the 90 second video above to find out how. 

And with our employee self-serve solution, MediHub, you'll spend less time on admin too. 



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MediHub: the self-serve solution for your employees

Making claims easier for employees and saving HR teams' time.

Find out more about Howden MediHub

MediHub: using technology to take the hassle out of healthcare insurance 

Another way Howden stands out is offering tech-solutions that take stress from employees and dramatically reduce the admin on HR teams. It's a full service offering, a powerful blend of expertise and cutting edge Insurtech. 

MediHub gives you: 

  • self-serve app for employees to choose clinics and manage claims
  • simple e-claims submission
  • expert claims negotiators on your side
  • easy access to 800+ clinics
  • 24/7 helpline, a medical concierge service staffed by real people in four languages*
  • seamless switching - you're not tied in to one insurer 

To find out more about MediHub, click here. 

*English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil


Give your people more. Without paying more. It's the Howden Way.

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    Intensive review of your programme

    Do people use their benefits? Does the business see a positive effect? Could you get better value another way?

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    Never cutting corners, always buying smart

    We aim for more peace, for less premium. We'd hate to do a deal that's cheap but with nasty surprises built in.

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    Claims analytics solving business problems

    Help you introduce initiatives to improve the health of your workforce and reduce the root causes of claims.

Got two minutes? Listen to our long-term happy client, Singapore University of Technology and Design explain how Howden risk experts work alongside HR departments, making your life easier day-to-day. 


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