Pilot's Loss of License Insurance

Being a professional pilot can be a challenging and demanding job. On top of that, keeping your license to fly depends very much on being able to meet the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s (CAAS) stringent medical standards amongst other requirements.

A minor accident or a medical condition could potentially jeopardise your future financial wellbeing a a commercial airline pilot. That is why we have specially developed an insurance plan to provide peace of mind for passionate pilots like you. Now, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any financial risk and fly without worries.

What is Pilot's Loss of License insurance?

Pilot’s Loss Of Licence insurance provides aviation professionals with financial assistance if their aviation career is brought to a premature end due to medical reasons. Our specialty team has been providing loss of license insurance since 2004 to the pilots of Singapore’s national carriers and today, to all pilots with valid CAAS licence.

What does Pilot's Loss of License insurance cover?

Our Loss of Licence insurance provides a lump sum payment of up to S$300,000 in the event that your professional pilot licence is permanently withdrawn by CAAS due to sickness, accident or death. The insured amount payable is dependent on the insured person’s age at the date of the loss of licence or death.

Who is eligible for Pilot's Loss of License insurance?

This insurance is only available to pilots who:

  • hold a valid professional pilot licence from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS);
  • are Singapore citizens and gainfully employed as full time commercial pilots; or
  • are not Singapore citizens but are gainfully employed as full time commercial pilots by a Singapore-based scheduled air
  • carrier with the primary place of employment in Singapore and are living in Singapore,
  • are not grounded; and
  • meet the entry age criteria on the date of application for this insurance

For more Frequently Asked Questions about our Pilot's Loss of License insurance, click here.

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