About Howden

Howden is the largest independently-owned international retail insurance broker in the world. We've had a presence in Asia since 1968. 

Howden is unique because our workforce is the largest shareholder group.  

Having many employees and management as shareholders makes us a bit different. Client satisfaction is personal to us, quite literally.

Which means we do the little things well. Because little things make a big difference.

Like appreciating the huge impact changing a few words in a policy document can make.

Or editing wordings to your advantage before you sign.

And never making you chase us to get things done.

A positive, proactive entrepreneurial attitude shines through everything we do

Because it’s our business.  

We don’t say “no”, we debate “how.”  

Then we get the job done.

Fast facts

Saving Private Equity

How we helped a fund defend allegations

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How to save 38%

Why an international bank switched to Howden

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How we operate

Switched on, forward-thinking insight

Transferring risk for multinational corporations, advising SMEs on smart decisions or designing bespoke services for individuals, we use our know how to solve tough problems.

As part of the Hyperion Insurance Group, we have access to a huge global community of brokers and risk managers, with over 10,000 local experts all over the globe, both through Hyperion and our Howden One partner network.

Representing your interests all the way 

Leveraging our strong reputation with insurers to negotiate the best possible solutions for our clients, we use every resource at our disposal to get you the results you need.

At Howden, senior brokers take a very hands-on approach with client work – a large proportion of them have 10-15 years’ experience in their specialist subject. We make sure their skill and insight is readily available for you to benefit from. 

Investing time up front to understand your business

Brokers can only represent your interests properly when they precisely understand them. Educating underwriters about your exact needs is a big part of getting you the most competitive deal.

Luckily, we have a head start with specialist brokers in a vast variety of sectors and types of insurance:  

Accident & health / commercial crime / construction / cyber liability / directors' & officers' / employee benefits / financial institutions / general corporate & commercial / general liability / kidnap & ransom / life / marine / motor / personal lines / political risk / product liability / professional indemnity / property & real estate / surety / structured trade credit / trade credit & bonds / warranty & indemnity

Relationships for the long term

Every client relationship we enter into, we want it to last. 

At Howden we work hard so that clients never want to leave us – we play the long game. 

That means keeping in touch, staying up to date any with significant changes in your business and being proactive on your behalf – and that doesn’t mean just trying to sell new products to you.

We use our initiative, to your advantage. 

Flat and flexible, for quick decisions

Howden has a remarkably flat and empowered management structure – very unusual for a company of its scope and scale.

What this means for you is that decisions can be made quickly without going through a long-winded, centralised approval process. As a result, we’re set up to react faster to changing conditions and last minute demands.

In short, decision-making processes that are lean and nimble help you take advantage of fresh opportunities as they come along.

For more details about how we operate, download our terms of business agreement.

See our Data Protection Policy.


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