Protecting the Educators

Education nurtures our future generations of leaders, engineers, scientists and artists. As today’s educational institutions face increasingly complex and diverse challenges, educators insurance programs must adapt to support these institutions.

From kindergarten to university, we help education institutions of all levels create customised educators insurance solutions to safeguard your balance sheets, attract and retain your talent, and protect your students.

Our expertise in educators insurance

Howden's vast experience in Singapore will support you in building a strong, sustainable educational institution (data as of Jun 2022):

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Safeguard your school's balance sheet

As part of good corporate governance, critical operational risks faced by your school can be addressed and effectively managed through insurance.

No two schools are the same, so our risk specialists engage key stakeholders to understand your operations and conduct a thorough operational risk review to identify potential gaps in your educators insurance program.

Attract & retain your school's talent

In today’s highly competitive employment market, it is vital to retain the talent that you have and continually attract the best to join you. Employee benefits play a key role in achieving this as part of your educators insurance.

HR Vendor of the Year winner

As a 4-year consecutive winner of the HR Vendors of the Year award for the “Best Employee Insurance Provider”, you can trust that our specialists are experts in employee benefits insurance and can help you build an attractive, sustainable program for your faculty and staff.

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Protect your students

Having schemes in place to protect your students and their course fees will help distinguish you as a quality school that students can trust.

With two decades of Fee Protection Scheme and Private Education Institution (PEI) insurance experience, our specialists can offer the full suite of regulatory and general insurance services that will help protect your students and set your school apart from others, including Students’ Group Hospitalization, Surgical, and Outpatient Insurance, as well as Banker's Guarantee for Foreign Students required by Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority.

Our StudySafe international student protection insurance also offers the full support your international students will need to achieve their academic dreams in Singapore with confidence. 

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