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The Howden Healthcare team offers the reassurance of a team with a true understanding of your needs, and long-term experience managing Medical Malpractice Insurance programs in Singapore. 


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15 years’ hard won experience

Our team has negotiated all manner of claims, working on the biggest malpractice claims in Singapore

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Helping doctors mitigate and protect

Learning from others’ mistakes is a mark professionalism. That's why we up are to date with risk trends and insights.

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Avoid loopholes and pitfalls

All insurance deals are different; we negotiate broad, responsive wordings with insurers who truly understand heathcare challenges, to help keep you safe.

Two things you need to know

To make an informed choice on your Medical Malpractice Insurance provider, there are only two things you need to know:

Crisis? What Crisis?

Those with a vested interest in keeping insurance premiums high often try to invoke a crisis.  They will tell you that malpractice claims in Singapore are escalating, and that more and more patients today are suing.  There is simply no evidence available to support such claims. 

There is no malpractice claims crisis in Singapore, and therefore no reason why premiums should be increasing.

Experience Counts

Malpractice claims can be complex, and emotions sometimes run high.  The human element is important, and means that local culture plays a role.  The ability to manage such claims with skill and empathy takes many years to develop.   When you are offered a quotation for Medical Malpractice Insurance, ask how long the insurer has been providing Medical Malpractice Insurance.  Not in the USA or the UK, but here in Singapore.

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10 big risks malpractice insurance protects you from

Making your life a little easier

Managing a medical practice in Singapore has never been more complex.  New regulations like the Personal Data Protection Act, and soon the National Electronic Health Record program, demand more and more of your time. 

Of course, the rising expectations of patients does nothing to ease the workload either.

So when it comes to the decision on your Medical Malpractice Insurance, we understand that you need someone that you can rely on.  You don’t have time to read through long policy documents or debate the merits of different structures.

You simply need someone to keep you safe while you help others.


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