Dental Malpractice Insurance

As a dentist, how many times have you been told that SDC fines can’t be insured? How often have you been told that your policy cannot cover your clinic or staff? Or that you can’t be covered outside of Singapore?

At Howden, we pride ourselves on finding ways to tell our clients: “Yes, we can do that”.

We take these long-standing attitudes and turn them on their head. Our dental malpractice insurance policy offers:

  • Cover for fines imposed by the SDC arising from malpractice events
  • Cover for you as the individual dentist, plus the option of extending cover to your clinic and staff
  • Cover for claims brought anywhere in the world (excluding only the USA/Canada)

What’s more, offering a much broader cover does not mean that our policy will cost more; in fact we are able to offer substantial premium savings.

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Cover that extends into your retirement, at no extra cost.

The time limit for bringing malpractice claims in Singapore is generally 3 years, extending to a maximum of 24 years in rare cases. Our policy provides claims-made cover, but with a difference - an automatic 24 years run-off policy at no extra premium when you retire or cease practising, giving you true peace of mind.

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What Does Dental Malpractice Insurance cover?

Insurance policies for the medical profession vary greatly in the breadth of cover they provide.  The top eight benefits that dentists need from their insurance, all provided under your Howden policy, are:

1. Cover for costs, settlements, and awards of damages
Your Howden policy covers all elements of a malpractice claim, from the initial costs of defending the claim, amounts offered in settlement, award of damages and/or costs. 

2. Cover for clinics and support staff
The legal entity that you created to house your dental practice and the support staff serving your patients can come under fire. Your Howden policy can extend to cover your clinic and support staff, so in the event of a claim against them, cover will be available.

3. Legal representation 
The quality of legal representation can be the difference between upholding your good reputation or having it tarnished. Your Howden policy covers the costs of getting a competent lawyer experienced in similar challenges.  Our expert medico-legal advice in Singapore is provided by a panel of the most experienced firms.

4. SDC disciplinary inquiries
An adverse finding by the Singapore Dental Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal can be just as damaging for your reputation as a malpractice claim. Your Howden policy covers the cost of legal representation at SDC inquiries, to ensure that your interests are protected.

5. SDC Fines
Should the SDC disciplinary tribunal impose a penalty that arises from malpractice, your Howden policy will pay that fine on your behalf, provided policy conditions are met.  We are the only malpractice insurance provider in Singapore to offer this protection.

6. Practice overseas
Whether you are engaged in charitable work or running a separate practice overseas, your Howden policy can follow you, providing protection wherever you require. 

7. Claims arising overseas
The advent of teledentistry gives rise to the increased possibility of claims being brought against you from outside Singapore. Your Howden policy covers claims arising anywhere in the world other than the USA and Canada.

8.  Teledentistry
Your Howden policy provides automatic cover for claims arising from teledentistry services, both formal and informal.

Who provides the cover?

To ensure that you receive the best possible support, Howden has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading providers of Dental Malpractice Insurance underwriting and risk management services.

Your Howden policy is placed with underwriters at Lloyd’s, which gives clients the security and reassurance associated with the world’s largest specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

Lloyd's currently enjoys an A+ rating from Standard & Poor's, AA- from Fitch and A from A.M. Best

Is your premium based on your own risk profile?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Malpractice Insurance

Your Howden policy is a legal contract, and its terms are therefore enforceable under law. MPS, on the other hand, offers discretionary cover which, as the name implies, means that the acceptance of any claim made by a member is subject to their discretion. MPS has no obligation to provide assistance to a member.

To switch to a Howden policy, you simply complete the online application form and then accept the quotation provided, effective from the date that your MPS membership expires. We do not recommend that you allow your Howden policy to overlap with prior coverage, as this can cause problems with claims notifications.

We understand that MPS is requiring members to give as much as two-months’ notice of membership non-renewal, and so we encourage you to obtain a quotation for your Howden policy as early as possible. 

The Limit of Indemnity means the total amount available for any one policy year to cover your liability for losses and defence costs for any single claim or claims made during that policy year.

No, each claim under your Howden policy is covered from the very first dollar.

Your Howden policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Underwriters, with a Standard & Poor’s rating of A+

Yes.  Your claims history is one of the elements of your individual risk profile and will directly affect the premium that you pay.  However, claims history is only one of many factors considered.  Doctors with a claim or claims in their history are not automatically considered high-risk but may be asked to provide extra information so that a proper assessment of their risk profile can be made.

Yes, your Howden policy provides cover for claims brought anywhere in the world, other than the USA and Canada.