Picking up the bill for picking up the pieces

Cyber insurance from genuine cyber experts

Even if you're careful, your reliance on technology presents a huge risk, in terms of business interruption and data breaches. You need a solid plan in place, with people you can count on speed dial.  


Your crisis is our problem. You are not alone – we’ve got your back.


Experience, insight, education

We don't just pick up the legal fees, we send the cavalry as well, getting you help from forensic, legal or PR experts, fast. 

To minimise the chance of serious business interruption, our cyber risk experts provides up-to-the-minute educational programmes to promote a safer risk culture.

We help you find the right policy with the right experts ready to walk you through all the key moments of truth – we support you well before crisis point.

Genuine experts

Howden wrote our first cyber policy in 1997 – we‘re expert trouble-shooters of cyber risk.

In Singapore, we have a team who has helped many companies in different industries to enhance their cyber resilience and contingency planning.

You can also rely on us to stay abreast of your evolving cyber risk needs, with a dedicated in-house expert, Edward Wong, with over 20 years of experience in technology, media and telecommunications.

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With 850 cyber clients worldwide, we’re experienced, insightful and dependable.

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