Coronavirus: supporting employers & employees


There is only one story of immediate importance to most HR professionals at present, and that, of course, is the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This simple 3-step plan is designed to help employers and employees through what will be some really challenging weeks and months ahead.

The suggested plan focuses on protecting and supporting employees through any period of remote working or close-down, whilst also maintaining worker morale so that you are in the best possible position to bounce-back to full productivity once the crisis has passed.

1) Communications & Engagement

Firstly, it’s vital that the flow of communications to and from line management remains as close to normal as is possible. Human Resources departments are encouraged to establish company-wide best practice guidelines on regular remote audio and/or visual communications between line managers and their teams throughout any period of home working or close down. This will avoid a loss of focus and engagement, and ensure that corporate messages are still effectively communicated to all.

2) Practical Support

Although Coronavirus will doubtless be dominating the health headlines, employees will continue to face the everyday challenges of life. Other health conditions will still need a diagnosis and possibly treatment too – and health service will, of course, be stretched dealing with the current crisis. So it is really important that employers emphasise the wellbeing support already on offers, such as remote access to a qualified GP and private healthcare.

3) Advice & Guidance

Finally, and certainly not least, the importance of “remote” guidance and support options should be reinforced. Companies should adopt their best practices to help employees respond to any challenges during a period when their usual work support-structure may not be as evident.

These best practices should be included in every employer’s planning.

Beyond the more immediate crisis, companies should be looking at the longer-term implications of the pandemic regarding subjects as diverse as changed behaviours, flexible and home working.

Below are two useful links with more detailed supporting information regarding coronavirus which might be useful:

Gov.SG: Government updates and announcements relating to COVID-19
Ministry of Manpower: Advisories on COVID-19 from Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

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