Marine Cargo insurance

Marine policies work with two models:

  • Open policy covers you for 12 months at agreed rates, subject to declarations;
  • One-off policy covers a single shipment; door to door.

You can choose between a named perils basis, which covers you against specific risks, or an “all-risk” basis (where we consider a scenario covered, unless explicitly stated otherwise).

The main perils covered as standard:

  • Fire and explosion;
  • Stranding;
  • Sinking;
  • Overturning;
  • Collision;
  • Charge and Discharge;
  • General average sacrifice.

We work with you to understand your risk profile and help you choose the level of protection that your business needs.

We can add clauses to cover risks including: 

  • Water damage;
  • Theft;
  • Malicious damage ;
  • War;
  • Strikes;
  • Particular Damage;

Some of these clauses may be available at no extra costs, depending on your risk profile. 

Maybe you also want to consider:

  • Transportation + Storage;
  • DSU (Delay Start Up);
  • Freight, Expenses and Expected Profits insurance;

Margins are tight in marine shipping and logistics - you need an insurance with the best cost possible. We’re here to provide it. Howden’s added value consultancy helps with cutting costs without cutting corners – it’s no use having an insurance policy that looks low cost but doesn’t pay out when you need it most.

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