Amateur Sport

Insurance for amateur sports

As official insurance partner to 300+ sports governing bodies around the world, we look after over five million people every week.

Whether it’s a small club fundraiser or a World Championship, we have the experience and capability to provide high quality insurance and award-winning risk management solutions at a competitive cost.

The projects differ, but goal is always the same – to help you deliver safer sport and be there to support if things go wrong.

What we offer

Member insurance schemes

Many governing bodies choose to provide our Combined Liability insurance packages to their various member groups with a policy including coverage for:

  • Public and Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Libel and Slander
  • Abuse
  • Management Liability

Employers' Liability

We are able to offer bespoke terms catering to all of your insurance requirements ready to protect against these risks as part of our full-service policy with claims support and advocacy from sport risk experts, tailored risk management tools and 24 hour legal and stress helplines.

Directors' and Officers' coverage 

Directors’ and Officers’ insurance protects officials when they are accused of negligence and mismanagement in their every day running of an organisation.

Buildings and contents

Your club isn’t just about the players and coaches: you’ve also got the clubhouse, playing grounds and equipment to take care of, too. We offer tailored policies to suit your needs including coverage for equipment, trophies and non-standard buildings with discounts often available upon completion of a risk assessment. Additionally we are able to provide flood cover, no matter what your club’s circumstances and prior history!

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance is a feature of Property and Contents insurance that reimburses you for additional costs of doing business (e.g. moving venue, hiring additional equipment) or for lost profits when you are unable to trade.

Business interruption is a key consideration for amateur sports venues, clubs and coaches.


Cyber-attacks are illegal attempts to access an organisation's data or to disrupt their operations for criminal purposes, espionage, politics, or simply for mischief. Millions of attacks are launched at firms every day: some actually succeed in breaching these companies’ defences and wreak havoc.

Cyber insurance means Howden is right by your side - before, during and after your incident. The standout benefits of cyber insurance are access to highly experienced experts to nullify the threat as quickly as possible and help mitigate disastrous consequences.

Cyber insurance gives you rapid access to experts who will:

1.    Identify the cause

2.    Contain the breach, preventing it from spreading and doing more damage

3.    Deal with the fallout (including mitigating ongoing risks)

4.    Restore your organisation back to business as usual. 

Travel / tours

Travel insurance is essential when taking your passion for the game around the world, and you’ll want to be safe in the knowledge that your tour party has the right cover in place.

We have created a specific, comprehensive insurance travel insurance policy that includes personal accident cover, medical expenses, travel expenses, personal baggage (inc.passports and money), personal liability, equipment, travel delays and emergency travel costs.  

It also covers costs associated costs such as cancellation, curtailment, or change of itinerary. 

Personal accident

Personal accident insurance is a "fixed benefit" cover. It provides a set cash amount per specific injury, to help you out while you recuperate. The exact pay-outs vary from policy to policy. See your policy schedule or get in touch to find out more.

Event cancellation

Event cancellation insurance helps you when an event runs into problems as a result of situations beyond your control. Policies are designed to cover costs, expenses and revenues when an event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted, or relocated.

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