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The demand for qualified workers is outstripping the supply, and attracting and retaining great talent is becoming ever more difficult. 

A well-thought-out benefits offering can show your employees that you value them, and help keep them in the family.

Employee benefits is one of the most tailorable offerings in insurance. Howden consultants help you design a programme with no waste or undue complications, that makes sense to employees and business leaders alike – for the long term. 

Everything we do for you and your employees is powered by:

1. High-impact analytics and ongoing consultancy 

Some insurances you may never claim against. With employee benefits, most clients claim a lot. This means meaningful negotiations with insurers, continuous policy optimisation and risk management education, both in your company and in the insurance markets. We take care of all of this for you.

2. Proactive risk management and education 

Naturally, you’ll be wanting to do everything in your power to prevent premium price rises. We help by educating your team on a range of subjects that can keep those premiums down; from healthy lifestyles to financial wellbeing courses and much more.

3. Prompt payment of claims

We have the greatest respect for your employees. We know that claims are among the most stressful personal situations your employees will encounter. So we only work with insurers who feel the same way, getting the support directly where it’s needed, fast.

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For employees, what does good look like?

Popular benefits that show your business is committed to employee wellbeing. 

Private medical insurance: the best care, no questions asked 

We cover your staff’s medical expenses if they ever need to visit or stay in the hospital, have surgery or outpatient treatment or maternity expenses.

Because you don’t want to exclude anyone from your team, we have schemes that cover pre-existing conditions. That way, you don’t have to ask awkward questions and your talent is covered from day one.  

Pensions: optimised performance, low maintenance  

With an increased life expectancy and an ageing population, the number of workers who retire will continue to increase over the coming decades. Offering your employees the chance to pay into a pension scheme will help them prepare for retirement – however old they are now. 

We know that financial education can be the difference between a comfortable older age and a difficult retirement. That’s why we offer targeted workshops to clients’ employees of all ages. Find out more about our pensions services.

Life insurance

This cover provides payment if the employee passes away while they are working for you.

Temporary or permanent disablement insurance 

If your employee suffers a temporary or permanent disability, their focus needs be on recuperating, and that alone. Disablement insurance provides a cash lump sum to alleviate worries about financial commitments while recuperating. 

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance offers support in the face of the unexpected. If your employee is injured through an accident, they will be protected against loss of income and medical expenses.

International employee benefits for ex-pats 

Compliance requirements are different all around the world – as are the insurance markets. Getting the arrangements right takes global know-how. 

Howden is a truly global business with offices and trusted partners in over 90 countries, we’ll equip your programme to deliver results wherever in the world your people work.

Want to give your team more, without paying more?

Here's how we create comprehensive bespoke employee benefits insurance programmes at a sustainable, competitive price:

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Intensive review of your programme

Do people use their benefits? Does the business see a positive effect? Could you get better value another way?

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Never cutting corners, always buying smart

We aim for more peace, for less premium. We'd hate to do a deal that's cheap but with nasty surprises built in.

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Claims analytics solving business problems

Help you introduce initiatives to improve the health of your workforce and reduce the root causes of claims.

How Howden helps to design employee benefits insurance programmes

Review your employee benefits insurance programme

What would a thorough analysis of your employee benefits insurance programme reveal? Do people use them? Does the business see a positive effect? Is it worth revisiting the offering to see if you could get better value another way? 

More peace, less premium

Want your team to have greater peace of mind? Don’t want to pay more for it? We can work out comprehensive bespoke employee benefits insurance programmes at a sustainable competitive price.

The emphasis is always on quality rather than price – never improvising, always buying smart. The last thing we’d want to do a deal that’s cheap but has nasty surprises for your people when they try to use it.

Using claims analytics to solve business problems

We can help you introduce initiatives to improve the health of your workforce and reduce the root causes of claims. For example, deep claims analytics could reveal a lot of your complains relate back to stress. We can help you review the situation and find solutions, helping cut unnecessary stress to improve productivity and wellbeing at the same time.

Communications support – if employees don’t know, then there’s no benefit

Is your team communicating the benefits offering well? In terms of attracting and retaining staff, communication is crucial – and frequently overlooked.

You cannot simply buy the employee benefits insurance and assume your work is done. 

We are happy to run workshops and provide bespoke handbooks, even training your recruiters and hiring managers to ‘sell’ your company to prospective employees. 

Who provides the cover?

All successful employee benefits arrangements are unique. When we have decided on the elements of cover, we take them to market and secure the best price for your exact needs.

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We’re approachable, insightful and won’t dive in to the hard sell

Got a question? We're always happy to help