Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and political violence are often excluded from many types of insurance. A specific terrorism policy can fill the gap and keep you protected.

Terrorism and political violence aren’t risks that can be transferred but some of the commercial consequences can. The effects of these attacks can cause property damage, loss of income, bodily injury and death, loss of attraction, loss of reputation, loss of key personnel… the list goes on. 

Terrorism and political violence are often excluded from many types of insurance, so a specific terrorism policy can fill the gap in your portfolio and keep you fully protected. Use an experienced broker to get you the right cover that’s ready to stand strong when you need it most. 

What does terrorism and political violence insurance cover? 

We have access to a range of insurers who provide reputable cover for terror-related events. Policies include different clauses, but all broadly fit into these three categories:

1. Terrorism insurance 

Covers against loss or damage to insured property and the ensuing loss of income caused by acts of terrorism, sabotage and political violence.

2. Political violence insurance 

As above, this policy provides cover against loss or damage to insured property and the ensuing loss of income caused by acts of terrorism and sabotage, with certain extensions. 

This type of policy extends cover to:

  • Riots, strikes and/or civil commotion;
  • Malicious damage;
  • Insurrection, revolution or rebellion;
  • Mutiny and/or coup d’etat;
  • War and/or civil war;
  • Counter-insurgency.

Other insurances related to terrorism cover:

3. Loss of attraction

A type of business interruption cover where the insured is affected by a terrorist event on a defined region.

4. Kidnap & ransom

Provides an expert crisis response team to spring into action in kidnap and ransom situations.

5. Crisis response insurance

Provides an expert response to situations such as natural disasters and political upheaval.   

Cover big risks many other policies miss

Terrorism and political violence is an exclusion under many wordings, give us a call to check

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