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Howden has a long-standing association in the farm sector. Our team has developed a deep level of insight into the challenges facing farmers and have experience in sourcing the best insurance solutions to fit your requirements.

Whether you have a smallholding with a few animals, or a more complex agricultural business, you need to have specialist advice on the right farm insurance for you. We are committed to achieving the best possible solution we can for our agricultural insurance clients, whilst reducing your costs wherever possible.

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  • Livestock insurance: your livestock are a vital part of your agricultural business.  As such, you want to be confident they are properly insured against a variety of perils which can affect them, be it fire, lightning, electrocution, impact by vehicle, fatal injury, straying, whilst in transit or sheep worrying.
  • Bulk Milk Storage Installations insurance: costs will be covered due to the accidental damage to storage installation and deterioration of milk contained in installations.
  • Employer’s Liability: In addition to any staff you may employ, having friends and family to help with your farm can be a wonderful experience, until someone is injured and seeks damages or compensation. Even though you may not be paying them for their time, you are still responsible for them.
  • Public and Product Liability: Whether it is injury caused to visitors or their property, damage caused to underground utilities by digging, or through routine business deliveries, public liability insurance will cover your agricultural business if an unfortunate event has a negative impact on the public. Similarly, with Product Liability insurance, in the event of illness or injury caused as a result of products or produce originating from your farm and sold to the public, you will be covered.

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