What to do if you need to make a claim


If you need to make a claim, rest assured you will have the advice and support of our dedicated and experienced Claims team. We are here to guide you through the process to ensure that you get back in the position you were in before the loss, as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Commercial & personal claims

Please call: 0818 223000

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Alternatively, please complete the claims enquiry form through the link below and a member of our team will be in contact with you by the next working day to review your case and to provide assistance.

Our claims service:

  • Claims managed efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Step by step guidance regarding the claims forms to be completed and how to complete these thoroughly.
  • As a broker we are neutral, and work in the best interest of our client to achieve the best result. All our knowledge and experience of the insurance claims process is focused on getting not just a settlement, but the best possible settlement for our customer.
  • Our claims team know the insurance terms and the processes involved and so they can ensure the quickest and most successful resolution avoiding frustration for the client in an already stressful situation. This avoids the confusion a customer might feel when dealing with an insurer.
  • Loss assessment is an automatic element of the service offered by our claims division. In straight forward claims cases this cuts out the additional cost of using an independent loss assessor which would be required if the individual were dealing directly with their insurer.
  • This service has proved invaluable for our clients when faced with making a claim especially when disputes arise over valuations. We review the insurance cover and if the client has in-built legal protection which will cover legal expenses our appointed solicitor will be in touch to assist and give advice. If cover is not included, we will give a referral to Hussey Frazer who will pursue this on behalf of the client on a no win no fee basis.

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Emergency contact numbers

For emergency support please contact your insurer, refer to your insurance disc or policy booklet if you are unsure who this is.

Emergency contact numbers are listed below:

AIG:1890 272 727
Allianz:01 613 3000
ARB:1890 253 033
Aviva:1800 448 888
Aviva Driving School:1890 405 080
AXA:1890 247 365
AXA Asgard:1890 247 365
Benchmark01 299 5200
Bump:1800 812 228
Catalpa Courier:1800 806 797
Chubb Claims:1800 242 702
Citynet:0044 207 488 7950
Covercenter:01 791 9924
Dolmen01 802 2375
Evross:01 439 6824
FBD:1800 323 888
Footprint:01 261 1200
HCL:074 912 6688
KennCo:1890 670 670
Liberty:1800 706 080
MIS Breakdown:028 9048 4484
Optis:046 948 1667
Patrona:1800 806 800
Prestige Household:049 437 1830
Relay:01 662 3112 / 01 208 4952
RSA Breakdown:01 832 8358
RSA Home:01 290 1000
RSA Motor:01 290 1926
Sertus:1800 417 270
The Underwriting Exchange:0044 207 398 8100
Willis:01 661 6881
Wrightway:1800 200 022
Zurich:1890 208 408