Renewable energy insurance

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Providing tailored renewable energy insurance for your business.

Ireland is very fortunate to have the climate and location to take advantage of offshore winds, and at Howden, we believe in making sustainability a core part of our business and we recognise the need for Ireland to move quickly towards a more sustainable energy future and reduce its carbon footprint.

Under the Climate Action Plan, the government is targeting 70% renewable energy generation in Ireland by 2030. This will mean an additional 4,000 MW of onshore wind farms over the next ten years.

If your projects are pioneering the way toward a sustainable future, look no further. Howden’s renewable energy insurance is the coverage solution designed to safeguard your green investments against a changing landscape. From solar fields to wind farms, we've got independent Irish power producers covered as they harness the power of nature.

What's included in my cover?

  • Marine cargo and transit

  • Construction all risks

  • Operation all risks

  • Loss, or potential loss, of revenue

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown

  • Contingent grid export interruptions

  • Liabilities of all types

  • Terrorism


Why choose Howden?

We stand beside our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle; from the early planning and feasibility studies through construction and operation to decommissioning of the assets.

Howden delivers a specialist team focused on providing the full range of insurance solutions (operational, deductible buy downs or forced outage). We continue to build the most experienced versatile team, with specialists in London, Miami, Dubai, and Singapore, including brokers, risk engineers and claims consultants. With 100GW of renewable energy assets worldwide, we pride ourselves in building long-term relationships.

In addition to that, Howden also has:

  • Access to financial and legal advisers
  • Access to experienced underwriters in Lloyd’s of London and local insurers who have an excellent understanding of the risks involved in the renewable sector

Join us today

The path to a greener future is paved with innovation and determination. Secure your journey with renewable energy insurance that's as forward-thinking as your projects. If you are an independent power producer in Ireland, contact Howden today and redefine the way you safeguard your renewable energy initiatives.

Howden is your partner of choice within the following specialties:

  • Sustainable energy wind (onshore and offshore)
  • Solar (ground-based, rooftop and concentrated)
  • Hydro power (dam and run of river)
  • Biomass biogas (anaerobic digestion and landfill gas)
  • Waste to energy marine (wave and tidal)
  • Subsea cables and interconnectors geothermal storage solutions

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