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For medical, health and social care businesses and professionals, insurance claims are almost inevitable, and they can be incredibly complex. 

Specialist insurance cover is a key factor in protecting your business and livelihood, with handcrafted wordings with the legal language weighted in your favour (giving you every advantage in claims negotiations). 

That takes knowledge and experience. 

At Howden, you’ll be able to talk to an advisor who understands you and your business, knows the risks intimately, and has the wherewithal to help safeguard your future prospects.

We cover: 

Here to fight your corner

Over our decades in this business, we’ve built up contacts and strong relationships with leading insurers specialising in medical, health and social care. 

This gives us the freedom and flexibility to ensure your policies are backed by the specialist insurer best placed to handle your risk. No round pegs in square holes. 

And because we have good relationships with and are respected by insurers, we’re not afraid to work the market. To negotiate strongly on your behalf to get you the coverage you need without you having pay over-inflated premiums. 

We don’t stop working for you when your cover is placed. Our job is to help you manage your risk all-year round. We work diligently to stay on top of risk trends, so we can pinpoint any emerging trends that might affect you now and in future, and bring them to your attention. 

That way, no matter how the sector and the legislation continues to evolve, we can proactively help you towards the most suitable coverage and up-to-the-minute risk management strategies. 

What we do 

We want to do the best job possible for you, as no two healthcare businesses are identical.  

That’s why our goal is always to design a bespoke policy that covers your specific needs.  

As you’ve probably already worked out, we see no value in ‘one size fits all’ cover. Tailoring is the way forward, both in terms of quality of protection and cost control.  

Whatever you're needs, our team has the knowledge, skill and experience to help shoulder the risks your business has to face. 

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