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Construction sites are, by nature, high-risk areas.

Contractors All Risks covers temporary and permanent construction works plus materials should they be damaged or stolen prior to completion.

The policy can be used to cover new builds, refurbishments, repairs or extensions.

The policy is written to enable the contractor or employer to comply with the insurance requirements of the contract and to cover the liability of the contractor for loss or damage during the maintenance period.

Most commonly, Contractors All Risks is underwritten on an annual policy covering all projects, but is also available to cover single projects.

Cover is available for:

  • Annual or single projects basis
  • Contractors own plant
  • Contractors own tools
  • Employees own tools
  • Hired in plant or tools
  • Contents of show houses
  • Offsite storage of contents
  • Fire brigade charges

All available Contractors All Risks cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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