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Delivering the goods in retail insurance

When you work in a sector like retail, it’s so important to be able to keep trading. Particularly if you’re at the mercy of seasonality. When the unexpected happens, you need to feel confident that you’ll be back up and running quickly.

We can help with both. Our proactive risk management advice and streamlined claims processes are designed to help minimise disruption and get you back to normal ASAP.

If we sound confident that we can help you, it’s because we are.

No matter how complex the challenge or unique the situation, we have the knowledge and market access to get the right people in the room and find the solution that best serves your business.

Who do we work with?

  • Big-name chains
  • Multi-site retailers
  • Multi-use premises
  • Trade merchants and suppliers
  • Franchises
  • Independents
  • Retail parks
  • Garden centres
  • Online-only businesses

Your one-stop-shop for retail insurance

Public liability insurance
If a customer or member of the public trips or falls on your premises, or feels they’ve suffered a loss or injury as a result of your products, you may be liable. Protect your business against possible claims.

Employers’ liability insurance
Protects your business against your legal liability for injury, illness, disease or death of any employee under a contract of service with your business. 

Buildings and contents insurance
Cover any costs to your premises or stock caused by fire, theft or flood and get help with the finances needed to repair damage and replenish assets. Various cover options allow you to insure your equipment and stock at your premises, when it’s on the move, or both.

Product liability insurance
If a product you sell hurts someone or damages their property, it’s likely they’ll claim against you. Product liability insurance covers the costs of your legal defence as well as any damages.

Product recall insurance
Product recalls are worrying for any retailer and can incur all sorts of shipping, warehouse, disposal and restocking costs. Product recall insurance covers you for these unwanted expenses.

Employee crime/fidelity insurance
Protect your business against the financial impact of loss of money, stock, or other assets caused by employee acts of theft or fraud. 

Stock throughput and cargo insurance
Cover your stock or inventory against physical loss or damage - whether it’s stored on your premises, in transit to you, or out for delivery to your customers.

Directors’ and officers’ liability
D&O insurance protects management from claims relating to their business decisions and conduct in the workplace. D&O insurance is there to pay for costs relating to mounting a defence, investigations and any damages or settlements.

Motor fleet insurance
Have you got delivery vans or a company car scheme? Insuring multiple vehicles together under one policy is a cost-effective way to protect against accident compensation claims from third parties, fire and theft.

Business interruption insurance
Whether it’s a natural disaster, cyber-attack or equipment failure, you need to be able to resume trading quickly - even if that means relocating temporarily. Business interruption insurance covers for extra costs of keeping your business going during such times, and covers for lost profits, too

Cyber insurance
Cybercrime poses a serious threat to every retail business. In the event of an attack, you call our hotline and forensic cybersecurity experts will step in to fix the problem, re-establish defences and get you back in operation. This proactive response also includes support from lawyers and crisis communications specialists. After the incident, the insurance can cover a variety of financial losses incurred due to the attack.

Terrorism insurance
Did you know that terrorism is a standard exclusion from most Irish insurance policies? Insure your stock and premises against physical damage and business interruption losses as a result of an act of terrorism, piracy, rioting or sabotage. 

Improve your risk management, create premium savings

When you come to us for retail insurance, we don’t just hand you an industry-standard policy, we take the time to get to know your business and its challenges.

It’s only by understanding the true picture that we can present your company to insurers in a way that gets you the most competitive terms. The strength of our negotiating power lies in the detail.

Some of the most influential details are around your approach to risk management.

Proactive risk management can improve your business resilience, reduce your claims, and contribute to lower premiums.

We offer advice based on your needs.

  1. Health and safety
    High footfall areas, trip hazards, overflowing stock rooms, potentially hazardous products; there’s plenty to think about when it comes to retail health and safety. We can help you identify key risks and show you how better to manage them. 
  2. Information and cyber security
    Defending your business against a cyber-attack is important for all retailers, even more so if you’re an online business. We can help to support you and reduce the risk of cyber criminals accessing your account information, data, and technology by providing comprehensive cyber policies.
  3. Asset protection
    We can arrange detailed surveys of your premises and storage facilities to highlight how to reduce your exposure to things like fire or weather damage. While accurate stock valuations are crucial to making certain you’re not underinsured.

Service that goes the extra mile

Howden is a multi-national, employee-owned business. Our people are committed to delivering for our clients and each other.

Our entrepreneurial culture attracts the best talent in the industry; natural-born problem-solvers, people who are instinctively inclined to go the extra mile for clients.

Which means that whatever insurance challenge you are facing, we have market-leading experts to help you solve it.

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