Ensure your business assets are valued correctly

Ensuring your business assets are adequately insured and can be replaced following a loss is one of the biggest responsibilities for  business owners and management. 

The whole purpose of insurance is to ensure you can replace your assets, and continue to trade as you were before the loss. This won’t occur if the declared values are incorrect.

Even a partial loss can be devastating, and if co-insurance provisions apply, history shows most businesses are unable to recover. By embedding an insurance valuation program into your insurance requirements, the majority of these problems can be avoided.

We offer a full range of valuation services including:

  • Insurance: we review sums insured pre-loss, as opposed to validating the values post-loss.
  • Accounting and taxation compliance: including advice on accounting standards in respect to valuation requirements.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, capital works and taxation: including purchase price allocation and stamp duty exercises.
  • Litigation: for family law or other litigation purposes, including post-loss claims disputes.
  • Specialised assets: valuations for all types of tangible assets including land, buildings, plant, equipment, infrastructure, heritage assets and fine arts.
  • Single and multi-year programs. Both on-site and desk-top valuations.
  • Asset rebuild optimisation.
  • Portfolio modelling and standard rebuild determinations.

It’s our business to work with you to improve your organisations’ risk profile, to optimise your insurance coverage, and represent your business correctly to the insurers.

About Howden Valuations Services

We listen diligently to you to understand your specific requirements and tailor a unique valuation program for you.

With access to a wide range of experts, including specialist building, equipment and fine art valuers, quantity surveyors, statistical and actuarial experts, and chemical, civil and mechanical engineers, there is nothing we can’t value.

Our impartial valuations service ensures that:

  • All data is easily integrated into your systems using our innovative data collection and reporting.
  • The risk to Directors and Officers when determining valuations in-house is removed.
  • Ongoing valuation requirements are met, via our multi-year service commitment.

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Meet the expert

Photo of Ashley Grant


Ashley Grant

Head of Risk Consulting
Photo of Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant

Head of Risk Consulting

Ashley as Head of Risk Consulting brings 25 years of asset valuation and risk consulting experience including a specialised understanding of resources, petrochemical, oil and gas, education, health and aged care sectors.

Prior to joining Howden Ashley has led teams delivering Risk Management, Valuation and Risk Engineering Services both locally and throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East across government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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