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Howden supports clients in managing complex and costly risk. 

Howden’s Risk Consulting division has been established to provide access to a variety of specialists, with an average 20+ years’ experience across a number of risk and mitigation services to deliver a complete picture of our clients’ pre and post loss risk profiles.

What we do

  • Valuations - ensuring business assets are adequately insured
  • Risk Engineering Services - strategies to prevent risks, rather than simply transferring it via insurance
  • Risk Management Services - improving our clients’ understanding of risks, mitigation strategies and policy coverage
  • Analytics - access to world-class insurance analytics, so you can anticipate future trends and explore self-insurance as an alternative form of risk transfer
  • Business Resilience and Continuity Services - helping clients prepare for and mitigate the impacts from an incident or business disruption
  • Claims Management - Howden’s Claims X division provides best-in-class claims management and advocacy solutions for both clients and insurers

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Howden Insurance Brokers Australia
Head Office
Level 23
20 Bond Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Melbourne office
Gateway, Suite 3, Level 12 Podium,
530 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Main Howden Line: 1300 904 503
Fire Rescue Victoria: 1300 528 126
RealtyProtect: 1300 406 877
Netball: 1300 420 370
Tennis: 1300 219 461
Claims: 1300 375 723

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