Risk Engineering

Our aim is to save you money by preventing risks, rather than simply transferring the risk.

Ensuring your business assets are adequately insured is good risk management. Preventing loss from happening is even better.

Unexpected insured losses, be it from fire, flood, cyclone or machinery breakdown, is a fact of life. How prepared are you for unexpected losses, and how quickly can you respond and begin to trade again?

Our risk engineers are experts in identifying, preventing and mitigating your property liability and environmental risks, and helping you understand the true financial impacts to your business. Our aim is to save you money by preventing risks, rather than simply transferring the risk.

We offer a full range of risk engineering services including:

  • Property Damage (PD) and Business Interruption (BI) insurance surveys for underwriting information
  • Operational and construction surveys
  • Risk management program coordination
  • Major project risk reviews
  • Identification of risk improvement areas
  • Evaluation of loss scenarios and the Estimated Maximum Loss (EML)
  • Technical review of prototypical technology from an insurance and business risk perspective
  • Assistance with respect to the transfer of projects from the construction phase to the operation phase
  • Advice regarding asset valuations
  • Risk management training via seminars and workshops

It’s our business to work with you to improve your organisations’ risk profile, to optimise your insurance coverage, and represent your business correctly to the insurers.

About Howden Valuations Services

We listen diligently to you to understand your specific requirements, and tailor a unique risk engineering solution program for you.

We have access to experienced risk engineers who have physically worked on site during operation activities, facility modifications and maintenance shutdowns.

Similar to your plant personnel, it is in our interest to ensure that your facility operates safely, sustainably and without loss.

Our risk engineers are able to understand and go on the journey with you to find solutions that work for your operations. We believe that a sustainable value-added relationship requires effective communication beyond the annual insurance survey.

Our risk engineering approach is synonymous with excellence, reliability and impartiality.

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Meet the expert

Photo of Ashley Grant


Ashley Grant

Head of Risk Consulting
Photo of Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant

Head of Risk Consulting

Ashley as Head of Risk Consulting brings 25 years of asset valuation and risk consulting experience including a specialised understanding of resources, petrochemical, oil and gas, education, health and aged care sectors.

Prior to joining Howden Ashley has led teams delivering Risk Management, Valuation and Risk Engineering Services both locally and throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East across government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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