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Alternatives to insurance for corporate risk management

If your risk management strategy relies on the direct insurance market, you will always be subject to the terms that insurers are prepared to offer.

Just as priorities can shift in any business, insurer appetites change, and you can find yourself on the wrong end of a trend. Through no fault of your own, this can mean rising premiums, greater excess requirements and reduced coverage terms.

For organisations of a certain scale, there are other risk management options

You can take control of the underwriting process yourself, and retain the underwriting profits.

To make alternative risk solutions work, you need:  
  • In-depth understanding of your risk portfolio
  • Appreciation of how the various layers of the insurance markets operate
  • Data-driven strategy
  • Day-to-day expert resource

Howden brings you the most advanced data science offering in the broking sector, and all the expertise and day-to-day support you need

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