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Workplace wellbeing, recovery, health & safety

Your people are your most valuable asset. From their first day in your organization to their last, your people are exposed to risk. Understanding and minimising this risk throughout the employment journey is incredibly important. 

The benefits are clear, and will assist your business to:

  • Keep your people healthy, happy and productive
  • Safeguard you and your business from potential financial and criminal liability as a result of a failure to provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • Minimise the financial impact of illness and injury on compulsory workers compensation and other people risk insurance premiums
  • Minimise the hidden costs of illness and injury – poor culture, presenteeism, absenteeism, talent acquisition and retention

How we work

At Howden Care we can help you understand your risk profile, work out what you already do well, and where there may be opportunities for improvement in managing your people risk. Our capability is across all aspects of prevention and recovery. 

Partnering with Howden Care

  • Howden Care partners with clients to deeply understand their people risk challenges. Our market leading team, are experts in workplace and non-workplace illness and injury, delivering solutions to support clients in navigating the complexities of the people risk ecosystem and evolve their business through enhancing risk maturity. 
  • Our team of allied health professionals bring extensive expertise and experience across injury management, RTW and insurance. We have a relentless focus on ensuring that quality and value is delivered to all clients of all sizes across a breadth of industry.
  • Howden Care provides highly specialized injury and illness prevention and recovery solutions that deliver real cultural, financial and health benefits to your people and your organisation. 

Value we deliver:

Work Health & Safety


Recovery Solutions

Policy & procedure development

Wellbeing audit

Early intervention

Risk assessments

Program development

Injury management support

Task analysis/job dictionary

Training courses

Rehabilitation & return to work

Manual handling training

Mental health programs

Redeployment & career transition

Ergonomic assessments

Health checks

Complex claims reviews

WHS training courses

Health coaching


Working with Howden Care

Our team of allied health professionals bring an average of 20 years of experience across workplace safety, wellbeing and return to work. We have a relentless focus on ensuring that quality and value is delivered to all clients of all sizes across a breadth of industry sectors. 

Meet the team

Photo of Jacqui Milson


Jacqui Milson

Head of Howden Care
Photo of Jacqui Milson

Jacqui Milson

Head of Howden Care

Jacqui is the Head of Howden Care at Howden Australia. She is an expert at uncovering people related risks in an organisations workforce and creating specialised solutions that drive cost improvements. Jacqui brings over 15 years' experience and in-depth knowledge of injury/illness risk and prevention across the Australian business landscape.  As a qualified and registered Physiotherapist and health professional she is passionate about achieving health and financial outcomes for organisations and individuals.

Photo of Tom Flynn


Tom Flynn

Partner People Risk
Photo of Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn

Partner People Risk

Tom is a Partner in in the People Risk business and brings to Howden 30 years experience in the personal injury sector. Starting his working life as a Physiotherapist, he has now been involved in the workplace health, safety and rehabilitation industry for 16 years. Tom’s depth of knowledge and experience in both the health and insurance markets makes him a market leader in assisting organisations in creating safe workplaces, supporting staff to maximise health and productivity, and minimising the cost impact of people risk.

Photo of Damien Stinson


Damien Stinson

Partner People Risk
Photo of Damien Stinson

Damien Stinson

Partner People Risk

Damien has 20 years’ experience assisting clients in understanding risks and opportunities associated with people risk, enterprise risk, corporate governance, compliance and technology. This is across a landscape of insurable and non-insurable risks and across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Photo of Shehan Peiris


Shehan Peiris

Partner People Risk
Photo of Shehan Peiris

Shehan Peiris

Partner People Risk

Shehan is highly experienced in-house psychologist, specialising in creating safer systems of work with a proven track record implementing large scale enterprise risk frameworks. He is recognised by regulators and is collaborating with leading University Partners and not-for-profit think tanks.
Shehan is currently leading the rollout of mental health initiatives, training and implementation across Howden’s client base for the private and community sectors, to inform and transform the psychological health and wellbeing of their workforces.

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