Professional Indemnity insurance

Giving advice for a living, people take you at your word. But we all have off days. Professional Indemnity Insurance is there for you when you make a mistake for which you are sued or investigated (or both). It offers a safety net for your future prosperity. 

With Howden Puri, you can be assured your policy has been worded by someone who truly understands your industry – and the complex risks you face.

What does a Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance policy cover?

1. Covers costs associated with regulatory hearings, including defence costs
2. Pay any damages or settlements

The arranged policy will have:

Full retroactive cover

Including past wrongful acts, errors and omissions. It’s really important that your cover goes all the way back to your company’s incorporation date, with no breaks.

You could be held liable for advice you gave a long time ago – buying policies online can easily leave gaps in coverage and, potentially, financial exposures that could come back to haunt you. 

We can also build in the following coverage extensions:

  • Unintentional infringement of intellectual property
  • Restoration costs relating to lost documents
  • Cover for liability caused by wrongful acts of subcontractors, consultants or agents.

Cyber insurance 

Buying a cyber policy is one of the most cost-effective risk management options and can result in significantly reduced spend on more expensive Professional Indemnity cover.

Howden are experts in insurance policies that provide a proactive tactical response to an incident. When an attack happens, we send technical, legal and public relations support with immediate effect. 

Negligent or not, allegations need to be dealt with

A strong defence is vital even when allegations are unfounded – your future prosperity depends on it. You will need to assemble an experienced legal team at considerable expense - and even then, you may be liable for damages or need to settle out of court.

People who sell themselves as having a certain skill set or expertise put their careers on the line every time they meet a client. When you take action on their behalf, you risk being sued.  

Giving advice for a living can be perilous – you are only as good as your last client meeting. That’s why complete confidence in your insurance is as important as confidence in your own abilities.

Please contact us to speak to one of our insurance experts who understands your industry and speaks your language.  

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