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Howden has a fully-fledged in-house claims department, ready to assist you when it matters most. We can talk all day about the quality of insurance policies but it’s during a claim that we truly prove our worth. 

Our claims department is impressive and highly respected. We will help you submit claims, and negotiate with insurers on your behalf. 

Our insight, reputation and market footprint, ensure you get the best possible result. 

Any grey areas, we’ll get you back in the black. 

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The flipside of claims is risk management. 

Claims learning is the bedrock of risk management. Whether you learn from your own mistakes or others’, we’re here to help you plan ahead. 

We can help you roll out risk-mitigating initiatives that make a big difference to your future claims experience.  

Claims analytics, risk surveys and suggesting improvements are all part of the service. 

Our insight helps protect your people and prosperity, helping you can save money and stress down the line.  

Claims are in fact, what educators call “teachable moments.” There’s an optimal moment to learn anything, and often with risk management, there’s no finer moment than claim time.

The value of a broker is twofold:

1. Embed systems and processes to maximise defensibility of claims

The broker proves their worth when a major claim occurs, or even worse, when it’s contested. Of course, when you have a Howden policy you have broad, responsive policy wordings that have been skilfully designed to avoid tricky pitfalls.

2. Make sure claims are a learning tool to feed into future planning

It’s not always easy to see why claims are happening, but if you make a point of learning from them, you can roll out risk mitigating initiatives that make a big difference to your future claims experience. 

We cut through chaos to empower you with a clearer view.

Claims approach - step by step

1. Claim notification

As soon as an incident occurs, you should report your claim. You can do this by calling or messaging us using the buttons below.

2. Appointment of an assessor

We will notify the insurance provider, who will appoint a loss adjuster (sometimes called a loss assessor).

3. Claim assessment

The loss adjuster will carry out a comprehensive loss assessment survey, during which they will visit the scene of loss to carry out an inspection and gather further evidence.

4. Scrutiny of submitted documentation

The assessor will send their report to the insurer, who will review it alongside all the supporting documentation you provide. 

5. Settlement advice

Depending on the supporting document and the assessor's report, the insurer will either agree to settle the claim, or they will deny it. They will communicate this to us, your broker. If the claim is denied, we will do our best to negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement. We will keep you updated as to the decision the insurer makes.

6. Claim settlement

The claim is considered settled once you accept the insurer's offer and sign the offer documentation. At this point, the insurer will prepare you a Discharge Voucher, which they will send us to pass on to you.

7. Closing the file

Once the claim is settled and no further action is likely, the insurer will close the file.

As well as leveraging our network and experience to get the claim paid as quickly as possible, most of our clients see claims as a learning opportunity. Using your broker in this way can be hugely beneficial, helping you take control of your risk scenario.

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