Medical Malpractice insurance

Occurrence-based cover is the gold standard of Medical Malpractice insurance. Being covered at the time the incident occurred is what’s important. Cover that ends when the policy payments do can turn into a nightmare, especially as many claims have a gestation period of several years.   

With a Howden Puri policy, there is no deadline for making claims and no complicated reporting requirements. Even doctors who are retired retain their right to make a claim. 

What Does Medical Malpractice Insurance cover?

Insurance policies for the medical profession vary greatly in the breadth of cover they provide. The top benefits that doctors need from their insurance are:

1. Medical malpractice cover

Cover for all elements of a malpractice claim, from the initial costs of defending the claim, amounts offered in settlement, award of damages and/or costs. 

2. Cover for clinics and support staff

The legal entity that you created to house your practice and the support staff serving your patients can come under fire. The policy can extend cover to your clinic and support staff, so cover will be available in the event of a claim against them.

3. Legal representation 

The quality of legal representation can be the difference between upholding your good reputation or having it tarnished. Your policy can cover the costs of getting a competent lawyer experienced in similar challenges. 

4. Department of Health disciplinary inquiries

An adverse finding by the Department of Health’s disciplinary tribunal can be just as damaging for your reputation as a malpractice claim. Your policy covers the cost of legal representation at inquiries, to ensure that your interests are protected.

5. Good Samaritan acts

If you need to get involved in an emergency, your insurance should be with you, standing strong, giving you the confidence to act fast.

6. Libel and slander

Defending allegations of libel and slander arising from your professional practice can be expensive. Your policy includes costs of defence against libel and slander. 

7.  Mental Injury

It’s possible to sue for mental anguish, for example in cases where there is no discernible physical injury but severe Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. 

8. Coroner’s Inquests 

A properly prepared statement for a Coroner’s Inquest is a pre-emptive defence against later claims. Cover for the costs of preparing statements for the coroner, and legal representation if needed at an inquest, is provided by your Howden Puri policy. Policies for the medical profession are complex and nuanced – it’s wise to engage a specialist broker to cut through complications before they become problems. 

9. Public Liability Cover

Your classic ‘slips and trips’ insurance, Public Liability cover will protect your business if someone is injured in an accident on your premises and subsequently claims against you.

Who provides the cover?

To ensure that you receive the best possible support, Howden has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading providers of Medical Malpractice Insurance underwriting and risk management services.

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