Political Risk insurance

In both emerging and established economies, political uncertainty can pose a serious threat to businesses and investors. In such a fast-moving world, even the most careful planning can’t forecast every surprise – and its financial impact.

That is why we offer Political Risk insurance to protect investors against political force majeure events. It allows you to unlock off-limit markets and broaden your investment horizons without fear of the future.

Howden Puri works with insurers who are political risk specialists, tailoring coverage for businesses including traders, banks, property developers and, increasingly, investment funds. 

Political Risk insurance can protect against risks including: 
  • War 
  • Political violence 
  • Expropriation 
  • Currency inconvertibility 
  • Breach of contract by sovereign entities.

With Political Risk Insurance, you can insure the market value of your investment. So long as any decline in value is clearly the result of the political situation, you will be protected.

Please contact us to speak to one of our insurance experts who understands your industry and speaks your language.  

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