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23 February 2024

Howden is the appointed insurance broker partnered with Netball Australia to arrange tailored insurance protection with relevant insurers.

If you are a personal member, qualified coach or official or a registered club, Netball Australia’s insurance program may provide insurance cover for activities sanctioned by Netball Australia and State/Territory Associations.

Your cover, which varies depending on your registration with Netball Australia, may protect you while you take part in recognised activities.

The information throughout these webpages represents some high-level policy coverage benefits for your ease of reference. Please note that these webpages do not provide all benefit or coverage details.

Cover is subject to the terms, conditions, limits, excesses, waiting periods and exclusions.

Please ensure you carefully read the relevant policy wordings and any other coverage documents which outline the benefits, features, terms, conditions, limits, excesses, waiting periods and exclusions of cover. Some of these documents can be located on the policy and document hub

Netball Australia COC

Certificate of Currency

Download your Certificate of Currency for coverage after 4pm 31 March 2024


Match Day Checklist

Fill out the Match Day Checklist before the commencement of a match day.


Training tips with Netball Australia's KNEE Program

Netball Australia's KNEE Program provides in depth training tips designed to help prevent knee injuries on the court.

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