Life at Howden

Let's work together

At Howden India, we value being inclusive. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of each and every one of our employees. And with every new member of our team, we become even stronger. Our stars are aligning. So join our team and aspire for greatness.


We are now Great Place To Work® Certified™

We aim to foster thriving individuals, both emotionally and professionally, who are committed to the common goal. Prioritizing our people leads to happier, more open-minded, and empowered employees, which positively impacts client interactions.

Work - Life Balance

We use the term Work/Life Integration instead of Work/Life Balance because the latter evokes a binary opposition between work and life. Work/Life Integration instead is an approach that creates more synergies between all areas that define “life”: work, home/family, community, personal well-being, and health.

Howden India promotes the use of flexible work practices to support the well-being of its staff while enhancing productivity in delivering the company's mission. This includes in-company transfers, flexible work hours and occasional work from home within and outside the duty station.

Technological tools have created new ways for us to collaborate and work virtually, bringing with them tailored alternatives for work schedule flexibility. Wellness programs and volunteer opportunities promoted by Howden India are just a few examples of programs that facilitate in the workplace the integration between work and personal life.

Learning & development

Learning & Development

Our training programs are designed to provide Howden India staff development opportunities connected to the company's plan and mission as well as individual job competencies. These series of workshops and training programs are tailored for Howden India and are facilitated by the Human Resources team. In these interactive workshops and training programs, staff keep abreast of current Insurance trends, behavioural skills and technical capabilities.

• Time Management
• Communication Skills
• Negotiation Skills
• Claims Management
• Employee Benefits
• The Art of Selling
• Writing Skills
• Reinsurance
• Knowledge of the Customer Base
• Performance Appraisal Management