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Good news! RealtyProtect is now managed by Howden Insurance Brokers. Together with REINSW, we have have made some important improvements to RealtyProtect and created a new top-tier offering for landlords across Australia.

You will receive exceptional service, with a new dedicated customer service team and experience a quick and easy claims process.

About RealtyProtect & Howden

As the peak industry body, REINSW will continue to listen and work hard to bring the industry better solutions. 

RealtyProtect is a top-tier landlord insurance product with a specialist landlord policy wording, a leading commission structure and is backed by an Australian specialist landlord insurer.

Howden are a global insurance broker with expertise in insurance solutions for the real estate sector. Howden has formed a dedicated RealtyProtect service team who are passionate about the product and advocating for you and your clients.

Property Manager Portal

If you have already signed up as a distributor, you will have received your unique portal link where you can obtain quotes and purchase cover for your clients.

Don't have your portal link yet? Just request one through this form or call us on 1300 406 877.

What is covered?

  • Max. weekly rental for a standard policy (without premium impact) $1,000
  • Weekly rental available without referral - $1,600
  • Absconding tenants/rent default - 20 weeks ($17,000 max)
  • Failure to give vacant possession - 20 weeks ($17,000 max)
  • Hardship - 20 weeks ($17,000 max)
  • Death of sole tenant 20 weeks ($17,000 max)
  • Untenantable (due to content damage) - 52 weeks
  • Re-letting above the bond - $500
  • Locksmith - $1,000
  • Legal Expenses - $5,000
  • Excess for loss of rent - Nil

The above is a brief summary only. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination for full terms and conditions of coverage and to ensure the product is right for you and your clients.

  • Building (optional) up to Sum Insured 
  • Tenant damage up to $70,000
  • Alterations by tenant, without landlord permission up to $70,000
  • Meth contamination from chemical clean-up/tenant drug use up to $70,000
  • Fire and explosion up to $70,000
  • Flood cover available (unless specifically excluded)
  • Pet damage up to $70,000
  • Electric motor burnout up to $2,000 (for motors up to 10 years old)
  • Legal Liability - $20,000,000

The above is a brief summary only. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination for full terms and conditions of coverage and to ensure the product is right for you and your clients.

Exceptional service

Our dedicated RealtyProtect service team are passionate about the product and advocating for you and your clients. We are committed to quick and easy processes, backed by exceptional service for you.  

Call us – we will be there to answer the phone! 

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Become a Distributor

Sign up to become a distributor of RealtyProtect.

It is a quick and easy online process.

Once accepted, you will receive a unique link, just for your agency, to place cover and view your portfolio.

How to lodge a claim

To make a claim please download and complete our claim form making sure you also provide the required supporting documentation detailed on Page 1. Once completed please email our team at [email protected].

You will receive an email acknowledgement and a claims specialist will be in touch with next steps within 24 to 48 hours (Monday to Friday). If you need after hours or emergency assistance, please call the dedicated 24hr claim service team on 1300 223 782. Make sure you have your Policy Number at hand and ready.


From 1st July 2023, Howden will be the insurance broker partner managing the RealtyProtect Landlord Insurance offering.

All policies bound prior to 30th June 2023 will remain on the previous offering until expiry of the policy.  

To ensure your landlords continue to have coverage, approximately 14 days prior to expiry of your Landlord’s insurance policy, you will receive from us a link containing the quote for your new Landlord’s Insurance policy. If you do not receive anything by expiry of the policy, please contact us or John Trani at the contact details below.

How do I contact RealtyProtect moving forward?

Effective 1st July, the URL and phone number will stay the same (1300 406 877 and, our email address is [email protected].

In the meantime, you can call us on 1300 406 877, email us on [email protected] or visit

Call our team on 1300 406 877  and we assist you to lodge your claim.

Please make sure you have your policy details to hand.

Yes, you will need to sign up as a distributor of Howden. Please click here to begin, read the terms and conditions of becoming a distributor and sign up when you are ready.

If you need any help, or have any questions, please contact our team on 1300 406 877.

1.    Access to the new and improved RealtyProtect Property Manager portal.

  • Quote and bind cover instantly, subject to standard coverage terms being applicable
  • Complete oversight of your Landlords Insurance portfolio
  • Check the payment status of policies linked to your office
  • Lodge claims

2.    Leading Commission Structure

  • $25 per policy paid to Distributor office for new policies placed by distributors via the Property Manager Portal
  • $15 per policy paid to Distributor office for renewals via the Property Manager Portal

Once your Distributor Agreement is accepted we will send you a unique link (just for your Agency) to access the new RealtyProtect Property Manager Portal.


Unfortunately not. To access the product, you will need to sign up to become a distributor.

Yes.  Quotes for building insurance vary, depending on the sum insured. You can get a quote online through the portal.

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