Trade Credit insurance

At Howden, we think about Trade Credit insurance differently, beyond just bad debt protection. We see it as a tool to empower businesses; instilling the confidence to trade and power growth.

Our aim is to provide the best policy with the maximum possible conditions and the best client management service.

Why you need company Trade Credit insurance

Not all your customers will pay on time, some of them will never even pay.
What can you do to trade safely while maintaining a competitive advantage?

Howden Turkey – Trade Credit Insurance team offers you Trade Credit insurance for your company’s accounts receivables risks with specified functions;  

  • Increase companies turnover with checking and controlling the risk of the existing and new debtors' risks
  • Risk monitoring and early warnings systems
  • Management of bad debt collections
  • Compensation of uncollectables.

Our Difference 

We have the ability and capacity to provide the best solutions to multinational companies with our worldwide network and experience.

Our scale is global, but our approach is founded on high-quality local teams who build solutions around our clients, accessing our global knowledge and expertise where appropriate for each client.

So, we make your policy safe, efficient and more useful.

As we know Trade Credit Insurance is a special insurance product. Our specialist teams work with their extended know-how globally and locally, making every effort to create the best tailor-made policies that, individually, would normally be difficult for you to find in the TCI Market.

HowdenTCI 1

For companies without a Trade Credit Insurance policy

  • To determine the frequency and distribution of trade receivable risks 
  • To prepare the questionnaire that best suits the company's financial and commercial structure in order to get the most appropriated offer
  • Working and monitoring for maximum limits with insurance companies while creating buyer limits 
  • Discussion of policy wording with insurance companies for most feasible conditions 
  • The scenario comparison of policy proposals from insurance companies with loss, bonus and other terms, presentation to management 
  • Policy benefit calculations 
  • Training the employees on Commercial Credit Risk Management and policy with live support.

Howden TCI 2

For companies that have a Trade Credit Insurance policy

  • To determine  the frequency and distribution of trade receivable risks 
  • Working and monitoring for higher debtor credit limits with insurance companies in order to decrease the insureds share on buyers risks   
  • Examination of existing policy clauses in accordance with possible damage scenarios and adding additional clauses to the policy against possible losses. 
  • Training the employees on commercial Credit Risk Management and Commercial Receivable policy and providing live support  
  • One-to-one work with the Insured in the process of loss protection and loss process
  • Presentation with comparison of the renewals offers to client top management.

Howden TCI 3

Reporting and managing a Trade Credit Insurance policy

  • Debtor outstanding risks and the credit limits monitoring in regular periods 
  • Overdue receivables managements
  • Checking the efficiency and functionality of the policy in the specified periods
  • Meetings with Credit Risk team of the company for action plans 
  • Reporting to top management about the efficiency of the policy 
  • Management of loss process and loss ratio of the policy
  • Preparing and collecting the data from the company for renewal, and keeping the company ready for the renewal.
Policy types which we could offer you
  • Whole Turnover policy - local, international, multinational 
  • Outstanding Risk policy - local, international, multinational
  • Limit policy - local, international, multinational
  • Single Debtor policy
  • World policies for multinational companies 
  • Trade Credit Insurance policy for the finance sector

Our special and unique product – Howden dealers Trade Credit insurance program.*

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