In Turkey, the Aquaculture industry generates around 5.6 billion Turkish Lira a year - 4.5 billion of which comes from our export market. Aquaculture is a booming sector, with a big future and room to grow. However, as laws and climate change, so do your risks. Trust a broker with the expert touch.   

In the past 10 years, we’ve helped our clients settle Aquaculture claims totalling more than 100 million Turkish Lira.   

Aquaculture is a growing industry, in Turkey and around the world. As our global populations grow and our seas continue to be overfished, fish farms are becoming an ever-more important source of healthy, sustainable food.    

Unfortunately, the industry is not without risks. Natural, environmental, and manmade exposures can all threaten production and transportation. When there are so many factors at play, you need insurance you can rely on.   

At Howden, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to both marine and freshwater fish farms, locally and internationally. We also offer complementary risk management services, to mitigate your risks while protecting against them.   


A tailored service   

Through our experience in the sector and our connections with aquaculture businesses worldwide, we have accumulated years of knowledge and expertise in the Aquaculture industry. However, we don’t stop there.   

We work closely with our clients to learn their operational processes and risk management techniques, gaining an in-depth understanding of their business. This allows us to recommend a tailored programme of insurance and risk management consultancy that meets your individual needs.  

We also have partnerships with independent expert consultants, who can offer additional advice on reducing your business' risk profile.  

We have strong, long-standing relationships with insurers and reinsurers working in the Aquaculture space.  

We cover risks including  
  • Stock mortality (onshore and offshore)  
  • Floating equipment  
  • Cage towing   
  • Animal transportation  
  • Hatchery and broodstock mortality  

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