Regulator: Risk Management Programme

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Regulator is the secret to our Risk Management success. It is the first Algorithmic Risk Management software in Turkey – developed by and unique to Howden. 

Our data-analysis AI reviews your business, creating an optimised insurance and risk management programme based on your unique risk profile. 

With Regulator we can provide the most comprehensive, client-specific risk management advice in the market. Regulator explores every aspect of your business, finds the gaps in your insurance programme, and suggests the strongest, most cost-effective solutions to fill them. 

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Unique algorithm

Regulator's unique algorithm analyses more 7,000+ data points to reveal the hidden risks facing your business. With this, it prepares your unique risk analysis.

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Portfolio review

Regulator reviews your current insurance portfolio to identify the gaps in your protection. This is your company’s current unmitigated risk.

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Reduce risk

Regulator proposes solutions to reduce your unmitigated risk, then monitors those solutions by measuring and evaluating the possible losses.

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100% accuracy

Regulator protects your business by eliminating the margin of error. Our AI finds and closes the gaps that others miss.

    How does Regulator work? 

    Regulator analyses data from your business to recommend better risk management solutions. It identifies the specific risks that you face, analyses your existing insurance portfolio, and creates a bespoke programme to cover your risks and protect your business.

    How Regulator adds value: 
    • Offers proactive, responsive risk management solutions 
    • Optimises time and resources spent on risk management 
    • Provides effective decision-making through a measurable methodology 
    • Allows easy tracking of risk-reducing opportunities 
    • Responds to the changing needs of your business 
    • It is holistic, value-oriented, systematic, and sustainable 

    How can I get Regulator?

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