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We have grown from three people in a tiny London office to one of the biggest insurance brokers on the world stage. How did we do it? With a bold independent spirit, and a culture where everyone believes in four key principles.

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People First

By looking after our own people, client success follows naturally.

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Owners' Mindset

Empowering people to feel a sense of purpose – and get satisfying results.

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Socially responsible

We believe employees should be proud of where they work.

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No Limits

Striving every day to do exceptional things.

We are proud of our unique culture, where everyone is personally invested in their clients’ success. This energised, empowered working atmosphere attracts and retains the very best talent in the insurance industry. 

  • We’re a truly multinational business, bringing you specialist advice in over 90 territories  
  • Our steadfast commitment to independence gives our people the freedom to deliver for clients  
  • You get all the benefits of working with a large global broker, combined with the speedy innovation and local know-how of a small independent 

Howden in Turkey  

Since entering the local market 10 years ago, we have grown to become the largest broker in Turkey.  

Howden opened its first Turkish office in Istanbul in 2011. We provide solutions in risk management, insurance brokerage, and specialist risk for corporate and individual clients. 

Through our sister company, GRC Howden, we provide independent reinsurance brokerage services for insurance companies and brokers. GRC was established in 2009 and joined Howden in 2012. 

In 2018, we were also joined by ACP Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi. ACP has been serving corporate and private customers in Turkey since 1994, and continues to deliver specialist risk insurance under the name Howden Sigorta. 

We now have offices in Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, and Izmir.

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Innovative broking

We are proud to have developed tools to help our clients get the cover they need at the best price.


Our Regulator tool is the first algorithmic Risk Management software in Turkey. It uses your business' data to find your true risk picture and suggests the most comprehensive, cost-effective policies to cover the gaps. So you can rest assured that your business is covered, whatever life throws at you.


We also developed Smartie, our award-winning tool to help clients reduce their Group Health Insurance premiums. Smartie helps businesses and their employees find cheaper health providers, manage their spending, and keep costs down. 

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360 degree protection for your business

Our AI finds the gaps in your cover that others miss, and recommends the best way to fill them.

Learn about Regulator

Double the saving on Group Health Insurance

Our award-winning tech saves your employees money and reduces your premium

Save with Smartie

Employee ownership at our heart 

Howden employees are shareholders everywhere in the Group, and we aim to keep growing with our people so they continue to feel that they are part of the future and success of the business.

While we are backed by patient, long-term investment capital, employees will always remain the largest shareholder group.

This has a noticeable effect on the culture.  

At Howden, everyone has a voice. Ideas are embraced, effort gets rewarded and meritocracy is real. All in an environment where people enjoy their work and have fun.  

We foster an environment where people feel valued and cared for, and enjoy rising to every new challenge. 

Empowered to serve you  

The experience we give our clients is everything to us. Our success comes from valuing every client and working to build relationships for the long term.  

This is only possible because of our employee ownership model and sustainable capital. No one is thinking short term.  

We can be completely client-focused because those who are closest to our clients make the decisions.   

We have a noticeably flat hierarchy for a global organisation of such size and scope, and most senior leaders still have hands-on involvement in placing risks.   

Wherever you do business, you’ll be supported by vast experience and deep-rooted local understanding. Our advice in local markets comes from people who live and breathe them. 

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Howden is part of Howden Group

Founded in 1994, Howden Group Holdings comprises broking division Howden and underwriting division DUAL.

Our philosophy is simple

We're here to serve you

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