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Our specialist Reinsurance broking team, Howden RE, has been serving our clients since 2009. Howden RE is an independent reinsurance broker within Howden Turkey. 

Howden RE offers a truly glocal service, combining local reinsurance DNA with the global reach of Howden Broking.

Howden’s global motto is “We Know How”. At  Howden RE, we bring this to life through our talented insurance professionals, who combine exceptional underwriting skills with reinsurance broking expertise. Our client base includes our long-term Cedant partners and selected insurance intermediaries, including agencies, captives, and brokers. 

Transparency, Creativity and Long-Term Partnership have always been our core values. We embrace a “follow the fortune” approach with all our partners, so our relationships with our clients are all-important to us. 

Experts empowered to serve 

Our team is mainly comprised of underwriters, who have built long-lasting relationships of trust with reinsurers in the market. These relationships are formed on our people’s commitment to finding efficient, win-win solutions in every case. 

We also have a team of experienced specialist brokers, who are empowered to find the best reinsurance solution for every one of our business partners. We offer a range of specialty lines, each handled by professionals with at least 10 years’ experience in their area of expertise. 

Innovation at our heart

Efficiency is key, and we are always looking for innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. That’s why we have been investing in digital and technology for many years, and why we developed HowdenLab. HowdenLab is our online reinsurance platform – the first of its kind, offering reinsurance solutions on various specialty lines. Our portal has been designed to adapt to user needs, flexible enough to find a solution to any web-based query.

Our board of executives are committed to providing innovative digital solutions, and we will continue creating new tools to better serve our clients. 

Bespoke service from risk professionals 

We don’t do one-size-fits-all Reinsurance. Our team analyses each client’s bespoke situation and needs to understand the true risks facing their business. They place the risk in every suitable local and global insurance and reinsurance market and negotiate with providers to create the best risk transfer solution for any situation. In this way, we create a tailor-made offering for each and every inquiry. 

Our teams understand risk. Most of us have been “risk takers” during some stage of our professional careers, so we understand the business from all sides. Our work ethic is based on the three pillars of: 

  1. Developing a culture of risk expertise and risk awareness. 
  2. Supporting our clients with risk management, to cede to the market only high-quality risks. 
  3. Creating mutual benefit and added value to all parties in the risk management process. 
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