Motor Fleet insurance

Our aim is to help our customers with a high number of vehicles to manage insurance effectively, which is one of the most important cost items in terms of fleet management.

Our service content is designed to suit both short and long term car rental companies as well as fleets using their own vehicles.

Our service scope can be grouped under 5 main headings:

1. Preparation and Placement

Existing damage and policy production data review, ideal price calculation and execution of the proposal work with insurance companies in this framework. Designing the contract to be signed between the insurance company and the insured.

2. Policy Operation

Management of policy operation and reconciliation process for all types of mandatory and optional policies within the period and integration of digital data.

3. Damage Support

Audit of claim file process, outstanding claims management and compliance with contract conditions.

4. Consultancy

Providing the necessary information about the possible effects of the developments and expectations in the insurance sector to our customers and determining the action plans.

5. Reporting

Creation of a dashboard and detail report tables for Fleet managers within the framework of the reporting criteria to be shaped according to the customer's preference via our online reporting program Auto Smartie.

Why Howden?

  • Organization and service structure focusing on fleet customers.
  • Expert and highly motivated human resources
  • Interactive, fast and focused operation team
  • IT support and digital integration
  • Flexibility in service structure
  • Transparency

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