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Smartie saves you more than 50% on Group Health Insurance premiums, while providing your employees with high quality healthcare.

Good employees expect comprehensive benefits – and Group Health Insurance is one of the most important elements. After all, your staff are your most valuable asset, and their health is what keeps them going. Our award-winning tool helps your employees find high quality care at the best price, saving money for them and for you. 

Smartie keeps your premiums low and your employees happy

Intelligent insurance  

In Turkey we experience high medical inflation, causing health insurance to rise every year. These rising costs make it more expensive for your employees to access the healthcare they need – which, in turn, increases the cost of your premium. 

Smartie lets you avoid these rising costs, saving you more than 50% compared to normal medical inflation. It does this in two ways: by letting you manage your health insurance offering, and by helping your employees reduce their healthcare expenditure. 

Smartie is the MENA Region's Digital Insurance Innovation of the Year 2020

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What does Smartie do? 

Smartie analyses the usage habits and health profile of each of your employees – how often they seek medical help, the type of treatment they receive, how much they pay, and more. It then recommends nearby alternative providers that offer the same services for less money – or even for free.  A view of Smartie app showing advantageous options

Smartie also offers your employees: 
  • Follow-up emails detailing their expenditures 
  • Payment information, including co-payment percentage 
  • Access to 24/7 medical phoneline 
  • Digital management of the claims process 
Accessing healthcare through Smartie: 
  • Find the most advantageous health providers in your local area 
  • See their reviews and ratings 
  • Contact them directly to make an appointment 
  • Get directions from our current location 
  • See all contracted and on-call pharmacies in your area 

How can I reduce my Health Insurance premium? 

In most cases, 80% of an employee’s healthcare costs are paid for by the insurance company, and they pay the remaining 20% themselves. But the more the insurance company pays out to an employee through the year, the higher their insurance premium becomes.  

Smartie finds more affordable healthcare for your employees, based on their individual needs. By reviewing the amount and type of usage, it shows your employees alternative providers that can save them money while still providing a great service. That means more money in their pockets, lower premiums for you, and high-quality healthcare for everyone. 

Benefits for employers

With Smartie you can review and improve your health insurance offering, control your health expenditure, and significantly reduce its impact on your premium.

Benefits for employees

The Smartie app helps your employees find more affordable healthcare, saving money for themselves and for you. They can also manage their claims process online.

Four graphs showing the financial savings Smartie offers

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your premium depends on your usage – and the amount you can save depends on how you manage your health expenditure. Smartie makes this process easy, and enlists your employees to help you do it. In some cases, Smartie has saved employers 50% compared to un-moderated costs. 

Yes, Smartie allows you to track spending with uncontracted providers. Our Smartie Intelligent Compensation Management app notifies your employees of of: 

  • Claims documents submitted to the insurer 
  • Any missing documentation necessary for a claim 
  • Claim processing information  
  • When the repayment is deposited in their bank account. 

There is some slight variation in cost between insurance providers, but the significant cost difference comes from your health expenses. The more you claim on your health insurance, the higher your premium will become. Attending more expensive institutions, being an in-patient and receiving more intensive treatments (for example, scans and operations) also increase the cost. 

Smartie Smart Compensation Management Application analyses your healthcare usage habits, determines the most advantageous health institutions for you, and makes recommendations based on your needs. It also provides information about these institutions, helping you make an informed decision by showing user satisfaction ratings, proximity and distance. These more advantageous institutions offer the services you need and the quality you expect, at a lower cost than your usual healthcare provider. 

Smartie Intelligent Compensation Management application provides up to a 30% saving on your insurance premium in the first year. By continuing to analyse your usage habits, it provides sustainable, long-term savings in the following years. 

That’s up to you! If you are happy with your current insurance provider, you can stick with them and use Smartie to start reducing your premium. If you are open to changing provider, our expert brokers will help you evaluate alternative insurers.

If you decide to change to a more advantageous plan, you can switch without losing your vested rights or renewal guarantee. 

How can I switch to Smartie?

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