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Howden Prime HMO makes comprehensive medical benefits for small to medium businesses much more affordable. 

The best employees deserve a quality Health Maintenance Program (HMO) from their employer. The Howden Prime program is a first in the Philippine HMO market. It provides some of the most competitive terms possible for small to medium enterprises. 

What you get:

  • Broad coverage and convenient terms
  • Common-law spouse/LGBT partner included at no extra cost
  • 100% coverage for pre-existing conditions (many HMOs do not fully cover this crucial element)
  • Choose your own doctors and hospitals
  • Annual health check with key blood tests for every eligible employee
  • Highly competitive premiums – price on request

For firms from 1-200 employees, we have a variety of options to fit your needs

While most HMOs will require you to have at least 20-50 enrollees to start a plan, Howden Prime is a full HMO program available to companies with anywhere between 1 and 200 employees.  

Superior policy limits for maximum peace of mind

The amount of potential pay-out for each particular type of claim is known as the “policy limit.”

A policy with higher limits is more generous and offers more reassurance to employees who suffer a health problem. As a business leader, you have the maximum reassurance that your valued employees will be well cared for when they need it.

Howden Prime offers superior benefit limits and extra coverage which many other policies in the market cannot match.

Howden Prime offers generous limits around: 

  • Confinement
  • Outpatient procedures
  • Emergency cases  
  • Automatic coverage on Maternity Assistance – reimbursable up to Php7,000

Eligible dependents can be enrolled at 50% participation

Other HMO schemes offer additional coverage for dependents, but only if 75% of the total number of your employees agree to enroll their dependents

We are able to offer dependent coverage at 50% dependent participation and at the same, highly competitive prices. 

Spouses and LGBT partners are already covered as part of the Howden Prime policy.

The market for talent is hugely competitive in the Philippines, and the SME market is no exception. Let us help you give the best to your employees.

Howden Prime is here to provide you with the HMO offering that will make you stand out to new hires, and help you keep hold of your best talent.

Howden Prime gives you

  • Affordable HMO
  • Generous, market-leading coverage
  • Dedicated claims support from our expert team

Get ahead of the competition, choose Howden Prime

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