Retirement insurance

If you are looking for a tax-efficient, reliable way to offer your employees more than the statutory benefits, Retirement Insurance can fund your ambitions. We’ll help you build the right deal with a reputable insurer, because there are various additional benefits to engaging an insurance provider instead of a bank. 

Many companies choose to maximise their working capital by taking the so-called ‘unfunded’ method of planning for employees' retirements. This means a ‘pay as you go’ approach, with retirement contributions paid out of that year’s profits.  

The opposite of that method is to tie up capital in a fund that has sufficient capital to cover all retirement payments you could be required to make. 

Retirement Insurance can give the best of both worlds.

It also has Life Insurance built-in, to give additional peace of mind to serving staff. 

Policy highlights

1. Covers your financial responsibilities towards qualifying employees 

Protect your obligations to employees with more than five years’ service. 

2. Provides guaranteed and stable returns, with attractive interest rates* 

As the fund is comingled with the insurer’s bond portfolio, it grows steadily within a risk-averse investment strategy. 

*Please call for the latest market information.  

3. Life insurance included 

A key advantage over trust funds, if a serving staff member dies, Life Insurance provisions kick in and payments are made to the deceased’s family. 

4. Compliant with RA 7641

All our insurance policies and advice on their usage comply with RA 7641 under Filipino employment law. 

5. Affordable administration and valuation charges

We’ll help you avoid fees eating away at your fund. 

6. Tax-Qualified

  • Contribution can be deducted as an eligible expense, to help you minimise the tax 
  • % of income can be exempted from tax
  • Tax-Free Retirement Benefit: Pays tax-free to your employees when they retire.

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